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Orange Coast Cities Branch


Serving Teachers of South County Since 1974

Music Teachers' Association
​of California

About Us

Founded in 1897 in California, the Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC) is a professional organization of men and women with approximately 4,400 members throughout the state of California, whose purpose is to promote the pursuit of excellence in the field of music education.

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State Programs

MTACOCC offers a number of edifying and exciting programs and festivals that enhance and compliment your efforts as a teacher and provide unique educational opportunities for your students. 

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MTAC Orange Coast Cities

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Teacher Referral Contact: Nancy Lau

Lessons are available for the following:

Cello • Composition • Contrabass
Flute • French Horn • Keyboard
Music Education • Organ • Pedagogy
Percussion • Piano • Preschool Music
Suzuki • Theory • Viola • Violin • Voice

MTAC State Office

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