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Contemporary Music Festival

Chair: Anne Prestridge:


Chair:  Dr. Priscilla Chang-Pai:



Deborah Glass:


Donna Evans: 


Festival Administrator: Pamela Worcester

MTAC OCC Contemporary Music Festival

Saturday, April 27, 2024

The festival will be in-person, recital format at Saddleback College.  The online application deadline is March 29, 2024.  The fee is $40.00 per student; $70.00 per duet.  All fees are non-refundableOnly Students of MTAC OCC teachers may apply. 



Application ONLINE Deadline: March 29, 2024, 11:59 PM

The parent/ legal guardian (if participating student is under the age of 18) or student (if 18 years or older) is to fill out the application form. Please have the following information ready before filling out this application form:

  • Teacher Name

  • Teacher Contact Information

  • Teacher MTACOCC Branch Number

  • Student Name

  • Student Instrument / Vocal Range

  • Student Level (for scheduling purposes)

  • Student Current Age

  • Student Contact Information (Parent/Legal Guardian Contact Information if Student is under age 18)

  • Repertoire Information, including:

    • Name of Composer

    • Name of Piece

    • Length of Piece (exact timing in minutes and seconds)

  • Accompanist Name (if applicable)

  • AM/PM time request

  • Comment box  

Performance Time Limit: 5 minutes

Application Fee: $40 for solo performer; $70 for duets

Contemporary Music Festival Rules:

  • The Contemporary Festival is open to all repertoire of the 20th and 21st Century composers, and to works of those composers listed in the CM Syllabus as “Transitional: Impressionist /Early 20th Century.”  Ragtime in its original form (not simplified or arranged) is acceptable.  Arrangements and music derived from TV, movies, and other sources are not acceptable.  Musical theatre selections for voice students are ineligible for this festival.  If in doubt, contact the festival chair. 

  •  The Contemporary Festival is open to all levels of piano, instrumental, and voice students, both solos and ensembles.  Two pianos will only be available for duos with the combination of one grand and one upright piano if the chair is notified in advance. 

  • Students will receive awards of medals, ribbons, and certificates based entirely on adjudicators’ decisions.  Students are separated into the following age categories:  ages 11 and under, ages 12-14, ages 15-18, and adult.  The top 25% of students in each age category receive 1st Place Medals, the next 25% of students in each category receive 2nd Place Blue Ribbons, the next 25% of students receive Honorable Mention Red Ribbons, and the next 25% receive a Yellow Participation Ribbon. 

  • Teachers are limited to 8 students each.  Contributory Members may NOT enter students.

  •  Students are not allowed to enter two festivals with the same piece. 

  •  Each student must actually study with the teacher who is entering him/her in the festival, and should have studied with the teacher for six months prior to the festival, unless permission is given by the previous teacher, or the teacher change was necessary because of a geographic move.

  •  There is a five minute time limit per performer.  Pieces longer than five minutes may be ended by the presider.

  •  A maximum of two pieces per student are allowed only if they are by the same composer and from the same collection.  Each piece must be under two minutes in length.

  •  All music must be memorized with the exception of duets, ensembles, and accompaniments.

  •  Music should be in its original form NOT simplified or transcribed. 

  •  No concerti will be allowed.

  •  Grounds for festival disqualification include failure to bring music for the judges, bringing photocopied music, performance of a piece other than the piece entered, and incomplete or inaccurate entry applications.  Accompanists must use the original music (no copies).  

  •  Teachers are expected to work at the festivals in which they have entered students; failure to do so may result in a monetary fine or other penalties.

  •  Teachers may not accompany their own students.

  •  No prepared piano or electronic enhancement is permitted.

  •  Parents may only videotape their son or daughter’s performance.  Videotaping of the entire recital program will NOT be allowed.        

Contemporary Music Festival Teacher Postage Fee link

If teachers are unable to pick-up their students’ awards after the completion of the festival at the branch meeting on May 8, 2024 and wish to have the result packet mailed, please pay the postage fee of $9.85 (USPS Priority Mail flat rate envelope) and type in your name and address where you’d like the packet mailed.

(Postage Payment Link)

Questions about the MTAC OCC Contemporary Music Festival?
:  Anne Prestridge: 949-498-8585

Chair:  Dr. Priscilla Chang-Pai: 714-600-6232

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