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Piano Keys

(Certificate of Distinguished Achievement)

​Chair: Dr. Paula Sabin

CODA Guidelines & Instructions

  • The Certification Of Distinguished Achievement is a unique and innovative event designed to evaluate and give recognition to piano students.

  • The primary goal of CODA is to set a high standard for performance that will:

    • ​​Encourage long-term commitment to piano studies

    • Allow students to feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments

    • Give parents a means to gauge their child’s progress

  • CODA offers piano students an opportunity to:

    • ​Have goals and perform repertoire

    • Receive written evaluations

    • Experience the evaluation process in a friendly setting

  • CODA has two options for student evaluation:

    1. ​​Musicianship Option: Levels Preparatory through 6
      Students play two pieces for Levels Preparatory–3; three pieces for Levels 4–6;
      includes Technique, Sight Reading, Ear Training and Concepts/Theory.

    2. Performance Option: Levels Preparatory through 10.
      Student evaluations are based entirely on performance of repertoire.
      All music must be original works for solo piano solo.

  • Students who complete a CODA evaluation receive a Certificate of Distinguished Achievement for the level completed.

    • Students demonstrating exceptional mastery are also awarded Honors.

    • A special Advanced Certificate is awarded at Level 10—the completion of the Performance Option.

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