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Piano Keys

Bach Festival


Chair: Nancy Shao

Co-chair: Angela Leu

Co-chair: Natalia Gubenko

Region V Chair:Julie Nakamura


SCJBF General Chair: Pamela Worcester

Branch Festival Student Application: SCJBF.ORG
Deadline: February 17,  2024, 11:59pm PT

 Bach Festival

March 2, 2024



MTAC OCC participates in the Southern California Junior Bach Festival, which is a project to encourage
the study of the music of J.S. Bach. Branch Festivals are held annually, from which outstanding students
are chosen to perform in the Regional Festivals and possibly the Complete Works Audition finals round.

Open to all keyboard students. (Organ, strings, winds and voice applicants, please refer to for
separate festival information.) There are no age categories, and no limit on the number of student
entries per teacher. The top 50% of students will be selected as medal winners, who will be eligible to
compete in the SCJBF Regionals Festival (date and format TBD); and if warranted, honorable mentions at
the discretion of the judges.

  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE (application and payment of fees):  Saturday, February 10th, 2024 at 11:59pm

    • Application submission via (including repertoire entry)

      • $25 SCJBF site-usage fee 

    • Application fees 

      • $40 per student

      • Applicants who are unable to pick up the results packet after completion of the festival and wish to have the results mailed, please pay the postage fee of $9.65 (USPS flat-rate priority mail).  The online link for postage payments will open at a later date, and instructions will be sent out via e-blast.

  • Results will be made available as soon as possible after completion of the festival.

The SCJBF Bach Region V Festival information will be announced at a later time.




  • Single movements or selections from a multi-movement work are accepted.

  • It is not necessary to enter with a complete work from the Complete Works Audition (CWA) List for
    the OCC Branch Bach festival or for Regionals, unless you wish to be eligible to compete in the finals
    round (CWA). Teachers interested in the 2024 CWA list may find this on the SCJBF website. *Please
    contact Julie Nakamura if you have any Regionals repertoire questions.

  • Teachers should not enter students in the Bach Festival who are performing the following works:

  • Works from the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook, BWV Anh. 113–132

    • Students who are performing works from the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook or by other Baroque composers should enter the MTAC-OCC Baroque Festival instead. Students may play in either the Baroque or the Bach Festival, but NOT BOTH.

  • Transcriptions other than those made by J.S. Bach from his own works.

  • Works by other Baroque composers.

  • Further information available here:



  • Before registering your students via SCJBF, check the box that says, “I have read and I accept the rules that apply to students and teachers entering the Southern California junior Bach Festival.” Pay the one-time $25
    site-usage fee

  • Update your teacher info if necessary (such as a new email address).

  • To enter specific movements or selections of a multi-movement work, enter the piece in the “category” and then make the selection under “movement.”

For Questions: please email Nancy at



Category I – Short Preludes and Fugues

Category II – Various Dance Movements

Category III – Inventions and Sinfonias

Category IV – Duets

Category V – Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk. I

Category VI – Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk. II

Category VII – French Suites

Category VIII – English Suites

Category IX – Partitas / French Overture

Category X – Short Various Works

Category XI – Longer Various Works

Category XII – Toccatas

Category XIII – Goldberg Variations

Category XIV – Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue

Category XV – Italian Concerto, BWV 971

Category XVI – Sonatas

Category XXIII – Clavier Concerti 

For Questions: please email Nancy at

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