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"The mission and purpose of the Orange Coast Cities Branch is to pursue excellence in music education and advance the music teaching profession through innovative programs that foster artistic growth and achievement."

—Mission Statement​

Excellence in Music Education

The Orange Coast Cities Branch (MTAC-OCC) was established in 1974 with the mission of serving members in south Orange County. The purpose of this local Branch is not only to pursue music education, but also to advance the music teaching profession through innovative programs that foster artistic growth and achievement. Our teacher members dedicate themselves to providing opportunities for students to explore their individual musical potential and to expand their knowledge and appreciation of music, while simultaneously developing their technical skills.

All MTAC teachers must fulfill certain educational and professional requirements, as well as follow the code of ethics as governed by the State MTAC organization.

What We Do

String Quartet

Enabling Programs

MTACOCC accomplishes its mission of excellence in music education and the advancement of the music teaching profession primarily through our robust music programs and festivals. In addition to our own long list of opportunities for teachers and students, our parent state-wide MTAC organization also offers fantastic events that we host and bring to our clientele.

Piano player
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Service to the Community

We are very proud here at MTACOCC of the superior quality of our board, staff and most of all, our teachers! Not only does our presence in the community offer our neighbors a trustworthy and professional resource when seeking out music teachers and educational resources, but our board is always looking for new ways to help bring people together through music by partnering with other community based organizations.

Teacher Support Network

When you become a member of the MTACOCC, you as a teacher immediately have at your disposal a seemingly endless resource of experience, knowledge and practical solutions that enable you to become the best teacher you can be. We are a tight-knit community passionate about music and wholly committed to supporting and challenging one another to pursue true excellence in all we do.

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