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Composers Today Branch Recital

Composers Today Branch Composition Recital

Location: LHCC

Date: Saturday May 4, 2024

Time: 2:00p 

Deadline: April 13, 2024


The Composer’s Today Branch Composition Recital is open to all levels- grades 1-12, college students, adults, and teachers are all welcome! Performers can perform their own original composition or improvisation 


Applicants must provide the recital chair with the following:


1. Composer’s Name:

2. Composer’s Age:

3. The names of all performers, and their instruments: If the composer is also the performer, list his or her name again. For example: John Smith (composer/piano); Mary White (violin).

4. Title of the composition

5. Length of the composition (minutes:seconds):

6. Composer’s Teacher (must be a current branch member):



  • Fee is $15

  • Do not submit the score of the composition.

  • The following equipment is available at the Laguna Hills Community Center stage free of charge: grand piano, bench, chairs, and 1-2 microphones. 

  • If the composition will be presented with visual image(s), a projector screen and a projector are also available. Please inform the chair, who will need to check with LHCC about availability and cost.

  • Regarding any other instruments or devices, composers will need to bring their own.

  • If the performance requires music stands, the performers will need to bring their own.

  • If the composition will be presented as a digital sound source, created for a playback device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone - in other words, either not requiring an acoustic instrument, or playing in tandem with an acoustic instrument(s) -  the composer will need to bring his or her own playback device and a speaker (wireless or with cable) to amplify the volume, along with an extension cord. Plan to arrive early in order to set up and test the sound, as technical help may not be available.

  • If you have any other special requirements for your composition please contact the chair.

Chair: Su-Shing Chiu

Phone: 263-1231

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